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Dashboards and Interactive Data Maps 

If you’re looking to show results, track progress, or  summarize data for stakeholders and decisionmakers in an online data dashboard, CAI can help you frame the approach, identify key metrics, indicators, and data sources to match the programs, policies and goals. Whether you’re seeking to implement your  economic development strategies, create an understand the dimensions of equity and opportunity in your region, or , Community Attributes’ proprietary data mapping platform, CAI Live, can quickly create public-facing mapping applications to showcase your data, strengthen engagement and tell data-rich stories about your community with our easy-to-use and dynamic mapping tools. 

The projects below showcase some of our recent work on data dashboards and interactive data maps for economic development, equity, program evaluation, or exploration of unique data sets and responses to survey data. 


Columbia River Economic Development Council Employment Lands Study and Online Mapping Application For the Columbia River Economic Development Council

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Economic Alliance Snohomish County Employment Lands Inventory In 2020, the Snohomish County Economic and Workforce Recovery Task Force partnered

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Tacoma Equity Map

Tacoma Equity Map This data mapping application operationalizes the complex concepts of equity and access to opportunity in a

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