Port of Seattle Equity Map

Port of Seattle Equity Map

Equity Index and Data Mapping Platform for King County

The Port of Seattle’s facilities, operations and mission significantly impact the regional economy. As part of their efforts to foster greater equity within the region, the Port of Seattle retained CAI to help them develop a set of indicators and public online equity mapping tool. 

The equity map spans King County and comprises 21 indicators in the categories of Economy, Livability, Accessibility and the Environment. Using a methodology developed by the Kirwan Institute for Race and Social Justice, the map compares the relative values of the indicators across the study area.  

Users can select a city or area on the map and see the relative value of the indicators and the Equity Index  and its components as well as how the indicator values are distributed across King County. 

The Port has used the Equity Index to inform $10 million in grantmaking through the South King County Fund.  As more departments, and stakeholders become aware of the map, the Port anticipates additional resources to be allocated to advance racial and social justice in King County. 

To see the published version of the Port of Seattle’s Equity Map, click here.  

If you’d like to learn more about how how an equity index and mapping tool can support your equity goals, please contact us at 206-523-6683 or by email to info@communityattributes.com

Casey Family Community Opportunity Map

Casey Family Services

Community Opportunity Map

CAI teamed up with Casey Family Programs to customize our mapping platform to develop the Community Opportunity Map, an interactive tool that highlights the aspects of communities that are associated with safe children and strong families. This interactive, research-based framework is composed of select U.S. Census Bureau indicators and is available for any community in the nation to use. It was informed by significant evidence of the community factors correlated with child maltreatment and a healthy community framework developed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

 The tool maps community indicators at geographic levels defined by the user, from the state level down to neighborhoods. Casey Family Programs’ goal for the tool is to be used by community members, policymakers, child welfare leaders, city government officials, and other stakeholders to build hope and promote well-being for families and children. View the map!