At Community Attributes, data is at the core of all our work. Whether it's an industry cluster study, facilitating elected official engagement, or developing survey questions, we make data the keystone of our services.

We apply our expertise across multiple disciplines, with a particular focus on regional economics; land use economics; community and economic development; surveys, market research and evaluation; data analysis and business intelligence; and information design.

CAI also offers Seattle-China Business Development services, including business planning support and expertise on policy and market frameworks.

Seattle-China Business Development


CAI offers a suite of consulting services to help connect Chinese and U.S. companies looking to further their business development.
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Regional Economics

Industry Cluster Studies
Economic Profile Development
Economic Forecasts
Statistical Modeling
Economic & Fiscal Impact Analyses
Trade Capture & Leakage Analyses
Municipal Finance Evaluation
Workforce Analytics

Regional economic analysis is a founding core competency of Community Attributes. We maintain economic data and key indicators in-house, enabling us to expedite analyses with accurate and up-to-date information.

Our economic profiles and market research go beyond data reports to tell a story that guides strategic decisions. Our expertise reflects a 360-degree understanding of economic visions, market opportunities and financial resource management.

Land Use Economics

Transportation Economics
Real Estate Economic Analysis
Market Analysis
Feasibility Analysis
Neighborhood Demographic Profiles
Industrial Land Assessment
TDR Evaluation
Fiscal Evaluation

Community Attributes helps planning and development entities create sustainable urban development plans by connecting economic trends and urban activity to land use planning and development strategies.

We link site-specific analyses to community plans for consistency between private investment needs and desired community benefits.

Community & Economic Development

Economic Development Strategy
Target Industry Identification
Employment and Workforce Assessment
Public Policy Analysis
Committee Facilitation
Community Development Planning
Elected Official Engagement
Monitoring & Evaluation

The Community Attributes team prides itself on assisting communities and regions realize their long-term goals. Our technical expertise and consulting approach supports best practices in strategic planning and community visioning, providing a strong foundation for economic development.

From community inception to established regions, we work with economies of all sizes to address needs, pinpoint opportunities and set goals into action for sustainable community development.

Surveys, Market Research & Evaluation

Assess & Develop Research Strategy
Community & Stakeholder Surveys
Monitoring & Program Evaluation
Demographic Research
Focus Groups
In-Depth Interviews
Message Development
Stakeholder Outreach

Our staff employ a wide range of methods and tools – from sophisticated modeling to stakeholder interviews – to achieve client objectives. Data is the backbone that supports informative decisions and improves results across all sectors.

The Community Attributes team is particularly adept at gathering and synthesizing data – both qualitative and quantitative – to help our clients realize their goals.

Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Interactive Reports & Infographics
Spatial Analysis & Statistical Data Modeling
Web Mapping
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Big Data Solutions
Database Design & Management
Market Analytics
Site Selection

We tell powerful data-driven stories by linking our client's data to a robust proprietary database of demographic and socio-economic community data points, leveraging compelling visual analytics using our in-house geographic information system (GIS) and data visualization platform.

Information Design

Infographic Design
Dashboard Design
Mapping & Cartography
Beautiful Report Layout
Event Materials
Web-Enabled Graphics
Icons & Symbols

The ability to understand and simplify complex data is highly important to effect change. Our data visualization and information design experts help our clients tell a story or convey a point efficiently and effectively.