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We’ve applied our expertise in economics and land use to create a suite of apps to target key demographics and understand communities’ attributes.

Sites that use our platform

Casey Family Programs Healthy Communities Map

Community Attributes Inc. teamed up with Casey Family Programs to customize our mapping platform to develop the Community Opportunity Map, an interactive tool that highlights the aspects of communities that are associated with safe children and strong families. This interactive, research-based framework is composed of select U.S. Census Bureau indicators and is available for any community in the nation to use. It was informed by significant evidence of the community factors correlated with child maltreatment and a healthy community framework developed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The tool maps community indicators at geographic levels defined by the user, from the state level down to neighborhoods. Casey Family Programs’ goal for the tool is to be used by community members, policymakers, child welfare leaders, city government officials, and other stakeholders to build hope and promote well-being for families and children.

Seattle Office of Arts and Culture Spacelab NW

Community Attributes Inc. adapted our online mapping platform to analyze the economic impact of creative industries on the local and regional economies at neighborhood and specific-site levels. SpaceLab NW was created in collaboration with the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. This website incorporated the Cultural Spaces Inventory map (created previously by CAI) and shows locations of arts venues, public arts assets, arts education institutions and more. The platform combines locations of arts and cultural spaces with demographic and economic data. The website allows users to explore the relationships between people, place and the culture-centric gathering places around Seattle.

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