Community Attributes Inc. Expands Economics Practice


SEATTLE (April 20, 2017) - Community Attributes Inc. (CAI), a Seattle-based economics, planning and data systems firm, welcomes Madalina Calen as a new economics analyst.

Madalina Calen brings professional expertise in transport economics, market research and qualitative analysis. She holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Amsterdam and graduated with distinction in Operational Research from the University of Strathclyde in the UK. She earned a BSc in International Economics and Business from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.

Madalina's past work experience includes consulting for a planning and infrastructure firm in Glasgow, Scotland, as a transportation economist.Her experience involved evaluating the benefits and costs of various transportation policies and strategies, developing business cases to attract funding for different modes of transport, using mathematical models to forecast the effects of public transportation schemes, and forming potential solutions to transportation problems.She has a passion for sustainable travel, travel behavior and the impacts of transportation investment on social equity, economics and the environment.

"Madalina is an exceptional addition to our team,” said Chris Mefford, President and CEO of CAI. “Her background in consulting and economics has enhanced the depth of our firm's expertise. Madalina is able to apply her skills in economics to a broad range of projects throughout our practice."

About CAI

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