Seattle CityClub Launches Online Civic Health Index Report


SEATTLE, WA—Community Attributes Inc. is proud to have supported Seattle CityClub in developing and launching its Greater Seattle Civic Health Index website. CAI and Seattle CityClub share passions in civic engagement and a common understanding of how data-rich stories about communities can drive change.

Our team of economists, urban planners, geographers, and technology producers seek to integrate strategic analysis, information design, and technology. It takes a lot of strategic thinking and talent to pull that off. Having it all in one team makes a difference we're really proud of. Creating Seattle CityClub's Civic Health Index website gave us the opportunity to apply our cross-discipline approach and produce something that's meaningful for our community.

Reliable Data. The foundation of the site—the Civic Health Index data—provides a solid platform for a broad range of discussion. When leaders discuss how communities in the region engage on important issues, they can now start with precise measures of engagement. Supported by facts, they can leverage the site to discuss vision, goals, strategy, and impact.

New Ways to Interact with Findings. The accessibility of Seattle CityClub's new site allows users to interact with the data in a more practical fashion than traditional reports. The website allows you to tell your own story through data, and to highlight areas of interest. The site is mobile-responsive, providing a resource always at the ready to inform important conversations as they happen. Data that's curated and presented in this online fashion can have profound influence on dialogue.

New Insights. The Greater Seattle Civic Health Index website provides profound insights to anyone interested in communities, which—according to the data—includes most of us. It shows that most of us dine with household members, for example. Fewer of us, however, report talking with our neighbors regularly, and even fewer of us report frequently doing favors for our neighbors. The older we get, the less we frequently hear from family and friends, but the more we talk with neighbors. Disparities exist among races in areas of group participation and voting. The site provides these take-aways and many more to catalyze community leadership.

Data Driven. Producing the site for Seattle CityClub is of great pride for Community Attributes Inc. We value clients that are passionate about economic and community impact. We use data to tell their story. We're excited to help bring to life the depth of data in the Civic Health Index through this interactive website.

To learn more, visit the 2017 Greater Seattle Civic Health Index.