EDC 2020 Economic Forecast Conference
About Community Attributes
Public Health and Economic Productivity
U.S. Real GDP Growth
Unemployment Rates, Monthly, 2005-2020
Total Monthly Employment
Seattle MSA and Washington State Forecast GDP
2020 U.S. Gross Domestic Product Projections
Employment Changes by Industry
Employment Changes by Industry Part 2
Monthly Employment Change by Industry
Monthly Employment Change by Industry Part 2
Cumulative Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims
Arts, Entertainment, or Recreation
Trade Outlook
Washington State Goods Exports to China
New Boeing Orders (Gross) from China
Washington State Exports to China Subject to China’s Retaliatory Tariffs
CARES Act Overview
U.S. Income
Lost Wages and Revenue
Initial Unemployment Claims
Unemployment Claims by Occupation
E-Commerce and Changing Retail Patterns
Women and Minority Owned Businesses
Easy money, if you want it and can get it
Employment centers hurting, neighborhood commercial centers doing OK
Employment Recovery Following Recession, Seattle MSA