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China's Market Reforms: Land and Debt

Community Attributes' Senior Economist, Dr. Spencer Cohen, interviews with The Diplomat about U.S. Asia policy.

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Gates Foundation says it contributed $1.5B to the Seattle-area economy in one year

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says its economic impact in the Seattle region was $1.5 billion in 2015.

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Gates Foundation invested $545 million in the Seattle area last year

While the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is known worldwide and makes contributions around the globe, the Seattle-based nonprofit has made hefty contributions in its hometown.

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Gates Foundation pumps $1.5B into Seattle area economy

You may think of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a global philanthropy, but a new study commissioned by the foundation shows the Seattle-based organization funneled $1.5 billion into the local economy in 2015.

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Maritime remains crucial to Washington's economy

This is technopolis, with self-absorbed overpaid coders wandering the sidewalks, pushing aside mere mortals. But wait. One of the region's oldest industries remains vital and growing. That would be Washington's cluster of maritime sectors, according to a new report from the consultants Community Attributes.

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Advance Astoria: The Future Of Economic Development

Few would argue that years of focused effort to turn Astoria into a tourist destination have been quite successful. The port's efforts to encourage cruise ships will bring 24 ships to the city in 2017 with those thousands of passengers enjoying the town and the surrounding area.

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Invasive Species Could Cost Washington Businesses, Agencies $1.3 Billion

OLYMPIA – A new report released today pegs the economic impact of 23 of the most damaging invasive species in Washington at $1.3 billion a year and a loss of 8,000 jobs, if there's no prevention, according to the Washington Invasive Species Council.

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Economists: With new president, business outlook uncertain

SEATTLE — Businesses' growing confidence in the U.S. economy is matched only by their uncertainty about how President-elect Donald Trump's administration will affect their bottom lines, economists told business leaders and public officials in Seattle on Thursday. [view original article]

Economic Experts: Optimistic Forecast for Seattle's Regional Economy Despite Political Uncertainty

SEATTLE — Despite an unprecedented level of uncertainty at the national level, economic forecasters project 2017 will be another very strong year for both the regional and national economies, according to three experts who presented today at EFC45, the 45th Annual Economic Forecast Conference.

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EXCLUSIVE: Seattle economist: Here's what the Puget Sound region can expect in 2017 (Video)

While the national and global economies are moving into uncertain territory, a prominent Seattle economist expects more growth ahead for the Puget Sound region in 2017. Chris Mefford, president and CEO of Community Attributes, sees positives in the region's economy that have the potential to offset what's happening around the world.

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